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About Us

Hannah Waddell

Hannah is the owner and founder of Lady Aqua Pools. She believes in reliability and honesty. She started this company at the age of 18 and has a strong work ethic. She is a self motivated millennial who has a vision for the future. She currently attends college where she is studying business and entrepreneurship. She plans on opening new and exciting ventures. She wants to inspire people and lead the next generations. 

Bill Waddell

Bill is the leak detection guy and repair guy for Lady Aqua Pools. He taught Hannah everything she needs to know about pools. Bill has over 25 years experience in the pool industry. He taught all three of his daughters to be humble and hard working.

Jocelyn Wilkins

Jocelyn is the photographer of Lady Aqua Pools and Hannah's best friend. Like Hannah, Jocelyn has a vision of her own which she sees through her camera lens.